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Turkish bath in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Now we have tried the Turkish bath in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. Interesting! We got really clean, but the best part was the full body massage that we booked afterwards.


Amazing Sharm el Sheikh

We are really pleasantly surprised by Sharm el Sheikh as a holiday destination. When we were in Hurghada Just over ten years ago, we had both positive and negative experiences. At the time, we thought the excursions were fantastic, but at the same time we were annoyed by salespeople who were too eager to grab us.

This time, during our visit to Sharm el Sheikh, we are almost exclusively positive. The people are wonderful (and no, we're not being pulled in by meat sellers!), the water is crystal clear and the excursions are really, really good. We have experienced more than we have had time to write about, so we will tell you about some of it when we get home. Today we wanted to tell you about our experience of Turkish baths in Sharm el Sheikh!

Sharm el Sheikh

Turkish bath in Sharm el Sheikh - Golden spa

Last night it was time for us to try the Turkish bath in Sharm el Sheikh. This was something completely new for us. I (Helena) have admittedly tested a Turkish bathing ritual at Sturebadet. in Stockholm, but I suspected this would be different. So what could we expect?

We only knew that we would be arriving at the Golden Spa at 6pm in the evening. We were greeted by a fresh spa, which felt both modern and popular. It wasn't crowded, but we were far from alone.

Golden Spa i Sharm el Sheikh

We had to sit and wait for a little while, and in the meantime we could browse the catalogue of different treatments. We had a booking already, but we now had the opportunity to adjust it a little if we wanted to. We chose a Turkish bathing ritual together with a full body massage.

Turkiskt bad i Sharm el Sheikh

Turkish bathing ritual

We started by changing into swimwear, and then we were shown around from one to the other. We started with a hot steam sauna, and then we were shown into the Turkish "bathroom".

Unfortunately, we don't have any fun muddy pictures to offer from the Turkish bathing ritual. The staff didn't think we should take a camera in "because it gets so wet", and Peter's underwater camera suddenly realised that "I don't have a memory card" - which of course it didn't!

But, if you have a vivid imagination, try to imagine the two of us on the stone benches below. A man was helping Peter and a woman was helping me (Helena). They poured water over us, scrubbed us with an exfoliating mitt and lathered us up. properly. If we weren't clean before, I promise we are now!

Turkiskt bad i Sharm el Sheikh


After the bathing ritual, we were directed to a whirlpool, where we could sit and cosy up for a while among the bubbles. The staff was soft and caring, but also very "hands-on". You always felt that it was best to do as they said, haha. Sometimes we deviated to, for example, sneak and pick up a camera, but as soon as we finished our business, they quickly and clearly showed us back to "our place".

Turkiskt bad i Sharm el Sheikh

Full body massage

After the bubble bath, it was time for a massage. We got to lie on each bed in the same room, and the same woman and man who previously bathed us now gave us a good massage. It was really good! They occasionally took in properly and it felt that the muscles were really softened. Finally, everything ended with a moment of rest in comfortable beds, a face mask and a cup of Egyptian tea.

The bathing ritual was an interesting experience, and we really enjoyed the massage. Above all, we liked that we could share the experience with each other. We were not separated, but got to do everything together from start to finish. We booked the Turkish bath through the travel agency 1001 Natt Resor, which we are travelling with and which also arranged our other excursions here in Sharm el Sheikh.

Have you ever tried a Turkish bath or hammam? In which country? How was your experience?

Turkiskt bad i Sharm el Sheikh
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