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Ras Mohammed National Park in Egypt

We have visited Ras Mohammed National Park in Egypt. Wow! You can travel here for diving or snorkelling - or to stay in tents directly under the stars. We went here for a day trip, but we would love to return for a longer visit.


Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed Park is located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, about 10 kilometres south of Sharm el-Sheikh. The national park is best known for its stunning coral reefs and the diving and snorkelling you can do here.

The park area covers 480 square kilometres, of which 135 are land and 345 are sea. Ras Muhammed National Park has been inscribed on Egypt's Tentative World Heritage List since 22 January 2002.

Diving and snorkelling

Many people travel to Ras Mohammed National Park to dive or snorkel. The area is known for its beautiful coral reefs and for its many colourful fish. If you dive deeper, you can see some of the sea's most impressive inhabitants.

Fiskar i Röda havet

Wildlife in Ras Mohammed National Park

Underwater in Ras Mohammed National Park there are many different species of fish, as well as green and hawksbill turtles. Not only is there life below the surface in the national park, but also some animals on land. The park is home to wolves and the Nubian ibex.

Camp in Ras Mohammed NATIONAL Park

You can camp in Ras Mohammed National Park if you wish. There is a small and really relaxed campsite where you can stay in a tent. If you pay 400 Egyptian pounds (about SEK 240) you can have dinner, sleep in a tent and breakfast. For 600 Egyptian pounds (about 360 kronor) you get "all inclusive", i.e. all of the above including lunch.

We only stayed here for a few hours in the afternoon, but we were a little jealous of the Italians and Swiss who stayed. How cosy must it be to sleep here and look up at the moon, or stars, in the night sky?

Raz Mohammed National Park

Can you stay with a motorhome? Yes, you can, but you may not need the services of the campsite. We didn't see a motorhome in the national park, but we did see one at Fanar beach in Sharm el Sheikh (with a French licence plate). Our guide told us that motorhomes are not very common, but that you see them from time to time.

What is it like to visit Ras Mohammed National Park?

Ras Mohammed National Park is open to visitors until 16:30 during the day, but you must have a passport and pay a fee. If you want to stay overnight in the park, you will have to pay an additional fee. It is best to organise a tour in advance. We also believe that it will be possible to pay the entrance fee directly at the entrance.

Travelling as a single woman?

We are occasionally asked about travelling as a single woman in Egypt, and from what we've seen so far, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Still, we were a bit surprised when we met a lone Israeli woman without a working mobile phone, driving in the national park at dusk.

She seemed to have no plans at all and asked the Egyptian men for advice on where she could stay for the night. Our guides drove with her for a while, and then pointed the way to the campsite. Egypt and Israel have not always been such good friends, so it's nice to see this kind of safe encounter!

Have you visited a national park in Egypt? Tell us about it!

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