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Snorkelling in the Red Sea - snorkelling tour in El Gouna

Snorkelling in the Red Sea can really be an amazing experience with crystal clear waters and colourful fish around the coral reefs. We took a full day trip with a snorkelling tour in El Gouna, and we didn't regret it.


Snorkelling trip in El Gouna

We booked our snorkelling tour in El Gouna, where we stayed during our holiday in Egypt. The tour we chose went to the Dolphin House, where you should also have the chance to see dolphins.

We booked the tour at the Dive Trek dive centre right next door. our hotel Sultan Bey and had to pay around 30 euros per person (2019) for a full-day excursion including lunch. The tour started with a short bus ride to the harbour in El Gouna, where the snorkelling boats leave from.

Snorklingstur i El Gouna
Snorklingstur i El Gouna - båtar

On board the boat

The snorkelling boats are quite large, and you sit comfortably on the upper deck on benches with cushions. It was a bit cool when we set off in the morning, especially when the boat started to move, but it got warmer and warmer during the day and in the end it was fantastic in the sun.

Snorklingstur i El Gouna

The boat travels between different snorkelling spots, and along the way you can spot other boats - from luxury catamarans to local fishing boats. We also watched for dolphins as they are often seen on these trips, but we weren't lucky enough to see any. We did meet Germans at our hotel who showed us nice photos of dolphins from a similar trip earlier in the week.

Snorklingstur i El Gouna - katamaran

Photographer on the boat

We had a photographer on the boat who took photos and films throughout the trip. If you want the photos afterwards, you have to pay a fee. The photographer we had with us was really creative and funny, so we chose to buy the pictures of us. You can see some in this post - and some others may appear here on the blog in the future.

If you want to buy photos from similar tours in Egypt, one tip is to take a USB memory stick to the photographer so he can upload the photos. Otherwise you often get them on a CD, which is not always practical.

Snorkla i El Gouna

Snorkelling in the Red Sea

Snorkelling in the Red Sea is a special experience, especially when you get out by boat to the finest coral reefs. We have also snorkelled at Zeytouna Beach Island in El Gouna, but it's definitely more beautiful when you go further out by boat. Here the coral reefs are in better shape and colourful fish swim everywhere.

Snorkla i Röda havet

The dive instructors gave clear and good instructions, helped anyone who might need help and kept the group together in the water. It's winter in Egypt now and the diving instructors find the water cold, so they swim in wetsuits. It was also possible to rent a suit if you wanted, but for a Swede, 25 degrees in the water is quite ok.

Snorkla i Röda havet

Snorkelling in the Red Sea - among all the fishes

The water is shimmering green and the visibility is fantastic. At times we could even see the fish from the upper deck. Of course, snorkelling brings you even closer to the life below the surface. Peter had his GoPro underwater camera with him, so here you can see some of what we saw underwater. The guy in the picture is one of the guides.

Snorkla i Röda havet
Snorklingstur i El Gouna
Snorkla i Röda havet bland massor av fiskar

What did we think of the trip?

We had a really great day at sea. It was cool to snorkel in the Red Sea, and we also have to say that the guys on board made the trip great by being service-minded, safety-minded and by offering themselves.

We have previously snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, which was also an experience. Have you also tried snorkelling in the Red Sea? Where? What did you think?

Snorkla i Röda havet
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