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Hydra Seafood restaurant - great restaurant in El Gouna

If you're looking for a good restaurant in El Gouna, we highly recommend a visit to the Hydra Seafood Restaurant, located in the centre of Downtown. We spent a nice evening here, with fantastic fish and seafood.


Hydra Seafood Restaurant in El Gouna

There are surprisingly many restaurants in El Gouna and we chose the Hydra Seafood Restaurant, partly on the advice of the Airtours guide and partly after looking around online. This fish restaurant is located in Tamr Henna Square in Downtown and is easily recognised by the blue outdoor seating area upstairs.

Hydra Seafood restaurang i El Gouna

Seafood at Hydra Seafood Restaurant

Hydra Seafood Restaurant is a seafood restaurant with an open-air restaurant. very long menu. You can choose from lots of different kinds of fish and seafood, as well as things like soup and pasta. There are also several varieties of 'tagen', which are traditional dishes cooked in a clay pot.

We ordered our favourite fish seabream as well as prawns, fried calamari and garlic bread. We missed the fact that we should have ordered rice separately, but grilled (super tasty!) vegetables came in without us asking for it, and the food was good enough anyway. Everything was fantastically good.

We received excellent service and did not have to wait long at all. It was a very nice evening at a really good restaurant in El Gouna! The price? Quite ok, but it is noticeable that this tourist resort has a higher price level than the rest of Egypt.

Hydra Seafood restaurang i El Gouna
Hydra Seafood restaurang i El Gouna
Hydra Seafood restaurant
Grilled vegetables at Hydra Seafood Restaurant

More great restaurants in El Gouna

As I said, there are very many restaurants in El Gouna. You'll find many eateries in Downtown, but there is also a whole bunch of restaurants in the marina. The marina is exclusive with luxury yachts in long rows, and the restaurants also feel a little more luxurious here. We have understood that you can eat well in several places, but you have to be prepared for the price level to be a little higher.

Marinan i El Gouna

One of the days we stopped by the Maritim Restaurant for a beer and some snacks. This restaurant is also specialised in seafood, and the calamares we ordered tasted really good. Otherwise, we haven't tried many restaurants in El Gouna. Given that we are staying with All inclusive, we of course often eat at our hotel Sultan Bey.

På Maritim restaurant

More on food in Egypt

Not so long ago, we spent a week in New York. Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, and on that trip we tried several different restaurants and Egyptian dishes. If you want to know more about Egyptian food, read our report: Food in Egypt - and restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh.

What are your experiences with Egyptian food? Have you visited any restaurants in El Gouna, maybe even Hydra Seafood?

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