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Cap d'Agde - Biggest nude town in France

Cap d'Agde - the nude town in France! Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the French town of Cap d'Agde is Europe's largest nude town. Here you will find both a large camping area and a huge hotel complex. Swim naked, shop naked in the supermarket, go to the bank naked... well, be naked everywhere. Come to Cap d'Agde - the nude city of France! If you dare?


Post updated 2019

Cap d'Agde

To begin with, you might say that Cap d'Agde is more than the "nude town" part. There is a large 'normal' part, where people walk around the shops and restaurants fully clothed. This is a nice town, with a marina, outdoor cafes and ice cream parlours. There are also two separate islands, amusement parks and casinos.

So why is there a nude city here? Well, nudism and naturism have a long history in France. The Oltra family once grew olives on this very spot. In the post-World War II era, many people came to the beaches here to go skinny dipping. The Oltra brothers decided to organise tourism, and then it just got bigger and bigger ...

Initially, it was mostly a matter of some people wanting to sunbathe and swim without clothes, but over time it has also become an industry of sex clubs and shops selling sexy clothes.

Cap d'Agde
The "normal" part of Cap d'Agde
Cap d'Agde båthamn
Nice boat harbour

The Naked City in France

Then, of course, you have to talk about the naked city! We have to say that this is a special place. The whole area is fenced in and to get in you need a passport and a pass and I don't know everything. You have to register at an entrance, and for us it took a little while before everything was ready and we could roll our motorhome to the campsite.

As this part of Cap d'Agde is a naturist town, clothing is optional not only at the campsite and on the beach, but also at the bank and the shop. It is common for people to go naked just about everywhere, and you will probably be looked at more if you are wearing clothes than if you are not. Although some people are wearing clothes right now (due to the temperature), there is a photo ban in town, so you'll have to settle for some discreet "around" shots.

Camping Oltra Cap d'Agde
Peter in the sunbed at the campsite in Cap d'Agde

The people of Cap d'Agde

In the 90s, more and more swingers began to discover Cap d'Agde, and there was a clash between those who travelled here for a quiet naturist holiday and those who came for sexual adventures. Today, 40-50,000 people come here every summer, and while both 'groups' share space, it's clear that much of it is about sex.

Cap d'Agde

In the centre of the city, the large 4-storey hotel complex "Heliopolis" is situated like two u against each other. There is a shopping centre, tennis courts, swimming pools and bars. There are plenty of fetish shops and shops specialising in sexy clothes. If you want to try on, there are usually no fitting rooms, but on the other hand, you're probably naked from the start ... As we walk past one shop, a girl in only heels is trying on a top. As we move on to have a beer at a bar in town, the bar patrons are sunbathing and swimming naked in the pool.

The beaches

All along the coast of Cap d'Agde are long, fine sandy beaches. For sunbathing and swimming here, nudity is of course the name of the game. As we understand it, the beach is also unofficially divided into different "departments". If you come as a family with children, you should probably stay in the section for families with children.

Cap d'Agde Frankrike

In other parts of the beaches there may be more adult "activities" going on, and even if you are interested in this, it may be useful to know which part of the beach is for those with heterosexual and homosexual preferences. We have only been told this though. Right now the beaches are quite deserted as you can see.
Cap d'Agde
Right now the beaches are empty because it's April and a bit chilly.

Restaurants and nightclubs

There are quite a few restaurants and nightclubs in Cap d'Agde, catering for all tastes, so to speak. The common denominator is that it seems that people often take on a little more than you had during the day. The purpose of the clothes is hardly to cover up though. You can see a lot of daring outfits here, we promise! 

There are a whole host of nightclubs, with Glamour being perhaps the hottest, and most of the patrons here are aged up to around 50. Other clubs may be geared towards older people, or a gay audience.

From Cap d'Agde

What happens here?

The nightclubs have bars, music and dance floors, of course, but what's special about Cap d'Agde is that sex also seems to be free in many of the clubs. Glamour's upstairs is just like any other nightclub (except that many of them are very but if you venture down the stairs, you'll find a whole downstairs filled with little booths and beds, where it seems like a free-for-all. Primarily geared towards couples, the club also welcomes single girls at a reasonable price. However, single guys have to pay a hefty fee if they want to get in ...

Nattklubben Glamour i Cap d'Agde. Nakenstaden i Frankrike.
The Glamour nightclub in Cap d'Agde

Camping Oltra - naturist campsite in nude town

Inside the nude town of Cap d'Agde is a huge naturist campsite called Oltra. The campsite is within easy walking distance of the centre of the nude city and you can also walk straight down to the beach. At the campsite, everyone usually goes completely naked, although right now, in April, clothing is occasionally required.

Cap d'Agde

With a bit of luck you can sunbathe for an hour or so in the afternoon, but the rest of the day it's clothes (and jacket!) for most people. We've got a nice big campsite and pitched our tent, so we plan to focus on training and writing and stuff for a while. There are over 2500 pitches on the campsite and it's huge.

Camping Oltra - en naturistcamping i en nakenstad. Nakenstaden i Frankrike
Camping Oltra - a naturist campsite in a nude town
Cap d'Agde
Cottages at camping Oltra
Cap d'agde
Peter outside our motorhome at camping Oltra in Cap d'Agde.
Tvätt utanför husbil

Travelling here

Cap d'Agde is part of the Languedoc-Roussillon region between the cities of Montpellier and Narbonne in the south of France. The nearest airport is Beziers and is 1.5 miles from Cap d'Agde. Check with Mrjet, Ryanair or Flybe who fly as soon as it gets hot.

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