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Inspiration for Christmas 2023 - lots of fun to read


Looking for inspiration for Christmas 2023? We realise we've written a lot about Christmas, so we thought it might be a good idea to gather all the reading in one place. Today, we're giving you Christmas cheer!


How will you celebrate Christmas 2023?

How will you celebrate Christmas 2023? Are you at home, with family and friends, or travelling abroad? We don't have any specific traditions, but if we have the opportunity, we like to travel abroad.

Some Christmases we have been at home and then we usually try to meet some of the immediate family and relatives. Of course, there is usually some Christmas food as well. Even though we are not overly fond of the Christmas table, there are some things we can really appreciate sometimes, such as herring, Jansson's temptation, Brussels sprouts (!) and Christmas ham. Right now we eat Christmas ham with mustard for breakfast every morning. So good!

Photo from a fantastic Christmas dinner we were invited to a few years ago...

Inspiration for Christmas 2023

We are travel writers and we enjoy Christmas and traditions - both in Sweden and abroad. We love discovering Christmas markets, food and traditions in different countries and cultures. Often we find inspiration that we take home with us in different ways. Or we are inspired to write an article or two... It has happened many times!

Handmade Christmas decorations in the north of the Czech Republic - the production is included in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage!

Lots of reading about Christmas

Below you'll find lots of Christmas reading material to inspire you for Christmas 2023. You'll find articles on Christmas markets, Christmas tables, Christmas food in different countries, Christmas travel, Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations and more... Maybe you'll find something of interest. Stay tuned!

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